Beulah Park March Student of the Month
March Student of the Month
Posted on 04/18/2017
Zulema Hernandez Student of the Month

Zulema Hernandez is a wonderful student and leader in her 4th grade class and at Beulah Park School. She is an active participant in class discussions and takes great pride in her classwork. Zulema is always willing to help other students as well as her teacher. Zulema is a member of Beulah Park’s Student Council where her leadership always shines.   Zulema takes the initiative to bring new ideas as well as put fort extra effort to make fun things happen in our school.  During our WE are Love Kindness Campaign, Zulema arrived early to school to serve donuts and coffee to staff members.  She created posters and newsletters for our Pasta for Pennies Campaign and she baked and volunteered her time during our WE Scare Hunger Campaign.  Zulema also has made announcements to our entire Beulah Park student body promoting our various campaigns and anti-bulling.  Along with Student Council, Zulema is a member of our Destination Imagination Team, in which she is an outstanding member and made several contributions to the Central Challenge and she was instrumental in the writing of our DI script.  She is a member of our school choir and she has an act for our Zion’s Got Talent, Beulah Park School Talent Show. Please join me in celebrating Zulema!